Should Facebook Friend or Poke China? (Article Analysis)

With the recent announcement of the Facebook IPO, the real test will be when Facebook will enter China – and how. Facebook’s success is largely due to its ever increasing number of users, and to remain outside of the world’s biggest internet market would seem foolish. The big question is not when, but how will Facebook proceed. Another internet behemoth, Google, had tried to negotiate with China on web censorship, however negotiations ended with the company leaving China in 2010. Also, Facebook’s vision of “openness”  may clash with China’s great firewall of censorship and with government officials, who are worried more than ever with the event of Arab Spring facilitated by Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, Facebook investors interested in continuing monetization will push the company to connect with China and its 513 million internet users.

Should Facebook friend or poke China?


The complete article can be found here.


One thought on “Should Facebook Friend or Poke China? (Article Analysis)

  1. If they do enter, it will probably have to be on the same arrangements as google did, with some mechanism for self-censorship.

    I think as a private corporation, you have to obey the laws of the land you’re operating in, Facebook can always lobby the diplomats (probably they are) to encourage other countries to change their policies. Twitter for example, is adjusting in how it operates in different countries:,2817,2399428,00.asp

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