Did Chinese Twitter Assassinate Kim Jong-Un?

This post might not be related with the overall project. But it’s interesting to read worldwide coverage on a rumor spread from social media. I just can’t imagine there might be a special desk on each news station assigned to monitor selected news from social medias, do all the cross-check thing, analyze and report them.

And building from the previous post from Najia, here are another versions of the “assassination rumor”. I found several from Canadian National Post, ABC, BBC News Asia and Forbes. They all reported that the rumor is highly implausible (as I quoted from BBC). BBC even have to close at least two fake BBC twitter accounts since they were responsible for spreading the rumor. Quoted from Forbes: “What’s interesting is how in this era of social media, the rumors have taken on a life of their own.” Here are the links:

Canadian National Post

Canadian National Post

ABC News

BBC News Asia


I imagine that someday all the government agencies will have a new department–the social media monitoring unit.


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