What You Can and Can Not Say On Weibo

“Social networking sites, founded on the promise of free expression, have run into political trouble in China.” As you might read from our blog that there are some things you should avoid to post, tweet or comment on Chinese social media.

“The social media landscape in China is strikingly different from the one most Western users inhabit. The Chinese government blocks all access to foreign sites it deems difficult to control; as of this writing, that list includes Google-owned YouTube as well as the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Only technically savvy users can access such sites, by slipping around China’s system of Internet controls, colloquially known as the Great Firewall. But most of the 450 million Internet users behind the wall don’t miss those American companies in the slightest, thanks to the numerous copycat services that have sprung up and evolved into uniquely Chinese entities. A variety of Facebook-like sites cater to different demographic groups, from white-collar professionals to rural workers. And one popular microblog service boasts features that go far beyond Twitter’s offerings.”

You may post or tweet anything as long as it’s not something that subvert state power or damage the honor of the state. Hmm, it somehow reminds me of an unleashed tiger but he’s kept in 30 sqm cage.

The complete article here.


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