Sina Weibo: A Dating Site Now?

Well, all the single ladies, now put your hands up! Beyonce’s song kind of linger when I read this news (I don’t whether we can call it a news though). As we know that social media(s) do change our culture and society. It’s now more about the quantity instead of the content wise.

“Sina Weibo continued its role as a catalyst for transforming Chinese culture and society last week by becoming the official dating channel for some of China’s single policemen.” That is the opening paragraph of the news. Now Weibo has extend its leverage. The news said that, “The micro-blogging network was used by the Chengdu Wuhou district police department’s official account (‘@Safe Wuhou’) to promote five single policemen to would-be partners. The police bureau’s deputy director, Shu Yi, told Chongqing’s Economic Times that they had launched a ‘help your single police officers’ program last week in a bid to help police officers ‘shed their single status’.” And now you can see how the Chengdu district advertise their single policemen on social media.

Hmm, that is a new and creative way of getting your significant others. Who said that old habits die hard? 🙂

Here’s for the complete story.


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