How Much The Chinese Love To Weibo?

Although with all the unfriendly policies on the China’s internet, e.g. real-name registration requirements, ID requirements, filtering and censorship, the netizens still love the Weibo. It has become part of Chinese online culture, and even with challenges in the freedom of use and of information, this is a nation of Internet users who love to micro-blog.

Vanity Fair calls Weibo services the “Twitter of the East.” It attracts not only the Chinese people but also westerners. After Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Jeremy Lin, we might be expecting other celebrities to join Weibo.

According to this article, “Weibo currently has about 250 million users, and is gaining 10 million more each month, and the country has about 550 million Weibo accounts distributed across various microblogging services. Who says censorship can prevent an online service from reaching this massive scale? 🙂

This article also showcases the kinds of users hooked on Weibo, from 10-year old kids to civil servants, from college users to senior citizens, they all still wanting to keep abreast of trends. Read the article for more.


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