About the Research Group

Yuqi Chen is first Year International Communication graduate student in SIS, American University, interested in Global Media. She thinks Media, especially film is a magical tool to make miracle happen everyday. She has been involved with numbers of film productions in China and the U.S., and she has background in Culture Studies, (English/ Chinese) Interpretations, and Media Studies. Her interest in this project is how social media has been widely used throughout the world and its capability of making our lives different (in both good and bad ways).

Feel free to contact her : yc6084a@student.american.edu or follow her on twitter or Facebook.

Jessica Darmawan is an undergraduate Senior at American University’s School of International Service, majoring in International Studies with a policy focus on Global Environmental Politics and a regional focus on Asia. She is an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia and is fascinated with the rapid increase in her country’s social media use. This fascination has grown her interest in leveraging these social media users to promote and progress social causes. In her spare time, she manages one of the most popular Indonesian travel blogs with over 9,000 followers worldwide. Jessica aspires to be an environmental entrepreneur and utilizing technology to improve the environment.

Primary contact: darmawanjessica@gmail.com | Blog: http://allaboutindonesia.tumblr.com


Lodya Habsanthiara is a second year graduate student at American University’s

School of International Service, majoring in International Politics. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree with a structured emphasis in Regional Security of South East Asia. Her primary interest lies in regional institutions, particularly Association of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN). She once worked for Samsung Electronics Indonesia, but then finally decided that International Affairs has always had been her passion and join the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry. She loves to bake, photography, and drawn herself to Jane Austin’s books.

primary contact: lodya_habsanthiara@yahoo.com

Laura Lalinde is an international relations major in the School
of International Service at American University. She is a senior, focusing on international communication and the European Union. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with friends, reading good books and tweeting about it. She hopes to continue in the field after graduation, possibly continuing her work at the US Department of State while travelling the world and learning more languages.

You can reach her via email: ll9243a@student.american.edu

Najia Sabir is a graduate student at George Washington University who will be completing her M.A. in International Education (2012). Her primary focus has been in educational media and instructional technologies, with a regional focus on South Asia and Far East Asian nations.  Najia is interested in research as a means to enhance STEM education through the use of technology and evaluating data from ILSA to create sustainable educational media for developing regions. Currently, she is conducting research in instructional technologies, mainly how users interact with web enhancing platforms, and conducting an ongoing study in virtual worlds and online games, relating to culture, language and teaching-learning.
Feel free to contact Najia on facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other various social media sites.
Primary Contact: NajiaASabir@gmail.com


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