In the News

China constantly makes the news, but it’s not always social media related. Here, we chronicle the news relevant to our research and to our topic.

Weibo isn’t  just about connecting with people and spreading rumors, recently netizens have united through Weibo to fight animal cruelty.
The Bear Battle in China (23 February 2012)

Jeremy Lin and the Power of Social Media from Forbes Magazine (15 February 2012)

Searching for Political Clues in China’s Social Media Censorship from The New York Times (9 February 2012)
Another article that also shows the way microblogs can indicate what’s really happening in China. (Related to article above).

On Social Media, Chinese Ponder Crime Fighter’s Fate from The New York Times (8 February 2012)
Although this article is not directly related to social media in China, it exemplifies the very unique role that social media plays not only for Chinese citizens, but also for foreigners interested in knowing Chinese news. Due to China’s strict censorship, reports such as this one are near impossible to confirm, but the social media sphere can give reporters and government officials at least an inkling of what’s actually occurring within China.
When Chinese Social Media Found Its Legs from The Atlantic (18 December 2011)


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